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eChallenges was a very nice but also very professional event and very well visited too !
In respect to 8 parallel sessions 4 times a day, our feedback can only consider some highlights survived in our mind.
A lot of semantic and ontology stuff was discussed and there were very different and nevertheless similar technical approaches to see.
Though semantic and ontology is basically an object oriented (OO) view, there was several techniques using a relational database.
An argument was, that OO databases are not commonly used.
We wonder if any commercial technology could be used to start at a higher level or if it is necessary to reinvent the whole wheel to get some outstanding new innovations...
In the wide field of experiences in knowledge management (KM), Soft-Facts seem to become more important in praxis too.
So big and innovative companies like Nokia deal with a mix of documentation, collaboration and social aspects.
Visualisation was also used to achieve KM as shown in "Argument Visualisation to Support Democratic Decision-Making".
Legal & Commercial:
In a speech about digital rights management (DRM) using watermarks to protect pictures from museums, the chairman asked:
How do you feel about DRM and that we are all living from picking up some information and change it to find new interesting solutions as happened e.g. to get SMS ?

This question deals with what we call Memetics - our brains are made for processing information - it is a law of nature there is no doubt.

Maybe things like DRM will just prevent that we can do this using e-technology...
One of the most important things visiting such an event is to get some new inspiration !
According to the feeling about DRM - such a philosophic question is very important for us - as you can imagine with our company name memeticor. The key question for us and probably for your business too is - I would like to call it

M e m e t i C o r - I f i c a t i o n (MCI) -
or how to get Money and Content back from Information

as content is very much more than just letters of a text or pixels of an image.
And there are some basic principles to do this, one of them is to put some added value to the information, may be it is worth some paper for the next eChallenges...
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