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Memetic Mail Advertising - Campaign Management
Communication = Attention + Feed-Back !
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e-mem© Productdatasheet
Creation of Productdatasheets
e-mem© is a web based CRM system.
You can use it to manage all the data needed for Marketing and Sales.
From your address administration for acquisition, e-mail advertising for marketing campaigns, sales documentation, marketing channels, web access, feed-back for raffles and so on.
All data is cross-linked and may be analysed in various manners.
We use a technology that guarantees an easy integration in every existing IT landscape (EAI).
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Business Cases
Business Cases
with e-mem©
  • Opinion Making
  • with e-mem© tell it a friend, and he will tell it friends... Functioning
  • Public Relations
  • with e-mem© stand out from the crowd... Functioning
  • Marketing
  • with e-mem© market needs, on-line ... Functioning
  • Networking
  • with e-mem© keep up-to-date with your contacts... Functioning
  • Sales
  • with e-mem© master every chess match... Functioning
  • Product Management
  • with e-mem© every feature and bug, desire and reality... Functioning
  • Project Management
  • with e-mem© 'A stitch in time saves nine' - Timing... Functioning
  • Quality Management
  • with e-mem© ask your customers... Functioning
  • Human Resources
  • with e-mem© motivation needs a medium... Functioning
  • Organisation
  • mit e-mem©
    Meetings without Bullshit Bingo - the Meeting Planner... meeting planner
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