Fish Test
Test the Soft-Facts of your Organisation ...

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Riegler This Test was developed to sensitise you to the soft-facts in your organisation.

I hope that with these 10 themes each with 5 questions I will give not only a story for reflexion to you, but I may also offer an interesting possibility, to tackle these themes.

At the same time this test is an example of how easy surveys may be arranged by using our graphical tools.
Surveys are a part of the soft-facts in your organisation too.

More about later - have a lot of fun with the Fish Test !

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Riegler
Fisch Test
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At a speech about "The European Charter for Small Enterprises" I used the Fishtest for drinking water supply as an analogy for small enterprises as an indicator for a prosperous economy.

Mr. Riegler from memeticor was there and asked me if this analogy would also be suitable for soft-facts in organisations, and if I think that soft-facts are important for prosperous organisations.
Here is my answer for you:

Soft-facts are very important for every organisation and this test is an interesting encouragement. So have a lot of fun with the Fish Test !

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Georg Doutlik
European Commission
Dipl.-Ing. Karl Georg Doutlik

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Develop a perception for Soft-Facts in your Organisation
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