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do your products have enough mojo...?
What is mojo?
  • mojo is our inner energy, which we put into our work.
  • mojo is an antipole to money.
What is mojo not?
  • mojo is not a replacement of money.
How does mojo come into action?
  • mojo is satisfying for the one who gives as well as for the one who gets it.
Is there an example of mojo?
  • mojo works very strong in a good tool.
  • mojo doesn't work so much within products used for increasing and saving money only.
  • mojo is not cheap or free of charge, but it can also work without money.
How can we measure mojo?
  • mojo doesn't have an absolute value.
  • 100% mojo would be like an inner satisfaction just as if orgasm.
  • 0% mojo is a pure and sober matter of money.
  • negative mojo come up by forcible mean or exploitation.
Run for your lives! don't we have enough mojo...

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What can we do with mojo?
  • mojo should be used to valuate and qualify products.
  • mojo is assigend intuitively.
How to learn about mojo?
  • mojo needs a holisitc approach.
  • mojo needs intuition and collaboration.
  • memeticor® will help willingly.
Who may use mojo?
  • Everybody doing it seriously.
Why will mojo work?
  • Because there is some kind of self-organization in chaotic systems.
  • Because time hase come.
How yan you use mojo useful?
  • valuate your product using mojo additionally to you price discovery.
  • be realistic and honest in doing so.
  • set a link to the mojo logo.
  • if you want to get listed here or if you have any questions send an e-mail
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