"Philosophical Contemplations to Save the World"
What is to be done?

For how much money would you:
  • spend a leg?
  • loose half a face?
  • victim a family member?
  • sacrifice your freedom?
  • work in your free time?
  • fire a colleague?
  • substitute your identity?
  • forget your sexuality?
  • sell your soul?
We try here to create an Antipole© that acts in competition with money as a stimulant in both directions and that works preventive against an onesided stagnation.

This philosophical contemplation assumes that a unit for "the sense" or "the good" could represent such an antipole.

The possibilities and deduced consequences should be displayed and discussed.

Do to this we use a graphical system from within the communiction model I.P.O. of our graphical collaboration management system mem-topics©.

To attend the discussion you have to register please.
It is a matter of respons-ibility and form-ation of opinion so we would like to have your photo in the process.
Just write us in few words why you would like to attend:
  • your motives
  • what are you doing in your job (vision, duties, company, ...)
  • your photo (a portrait, best as JPG 140x185)
per e-mail an
You will get an access code sent back by e-mail.
You will use this code to sign in to attend the discussion in a simple graphical manner.

We assume that we together know much more than by oneself: The Wisdom of Crowds

This is just one of many handy possibilites you can use with mem-topics© in an even more distinctive way.
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