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external conscience

The Word, that will help you lately,

may not be spoken by yourself...
Kardinal Schönborn

You will not control and motiviate

yourself only by yourself, will you?

Your external Conscience helps

to vanquish the inner temptation !

inner temptation

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You are not one of the little faith and you know to appreciate intellectual potentialities?
Then please contact us!

There are things in life you better should not do allone.
Zoon Politikon - social health needs the community.

There are things in life you could not do allone.
Münchhausen - he can tell you a story about.

There are things in life you should not do at all.
Hands off - from unhealthy and punishable things.

There are things in life you must do again and again.
Without training - no success and no mastership.

Does your organisation have a soul ?
No we do not mean you secretary or maid-of-all-work !
A bad conscience may do harm to your soul.
And this will make an impact on your health (your business)...
We will tie up an "all around careless package" for you:

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To get a picture how a soul could look alike
we recommend the first novel tried by Gunter Dueck
"Ankhaba" in our Literature list.

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