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  • Only outstanding innovations will succeed in the long run !
  • It's a case of Hobson's choice. We must trust in our intuition.
  • But intuitive approaches needs most notably some steps in evolution;
    and experience - most suitable in different fields !

  • The gods like the chaos...
  • Everything arose from chaos and everything will end in chaos,
    so we can't do anything wrong using the chaos !
  • But you have to use the chaos !

  • The fate is inexorable ...
  • Who wants to change somethig must also be inexorable,
    or he will never achieve his aim !
  • And please aim high !

  • Everything we really want we will solve easily,
    but everything else may become very painful.
  • Motivation is an importand key to success, all we need is to want !
  • Thank goodness, our will needs a lot of sense !

  • To achieve the true aim we must not settle in secondary objectives.
  • The fate is inexorable, and time will show us to show our colors !
  • Comfort will take revenge - gentleness is not sufficient -
    actions speak louder than words !

  • If you do not respect the matter, you are not worthy of the profit !
  • Look about the customers benefit !
  • If money is the most important thing in your boat, you are on a ghost ship.

  • We have unlearned to trust our own intellect !
  • At the same time we know that something must change !
    But when do we change something ?
  • Think out - trust your own intellect - and do not trust anything else !
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