Smoking in Health Care Jobs
What role does smoking play within the Health Care Jobs?

doctor, apothecaries, nurse, nursing staff, therapist, trainer, wellness coach, faith healer and pharmaceutical representative yes even clerks of the sickness fund and health minister
How believable is the whole system still?

Addiction := sickens (and is contagious socially).

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Smoking in Health Care Jobs
idiom to set a fox to keep the geese?
5 Elements...
In case of undesirable side effects please ask your doctor or apothecary.

Do you think it is possile that you will ever hire a thief to take care of your treasure? No, not politicians, a real "honest thief", verifiable. Or would you ask a fox to take care of your geese?
So why are there still smokers in health-care jobs?
  • addiction: is contagious socially - if they are smokink, why shouldn't I do the same, who else schould know if it's dangerous!
  • side effect: withdrawal symptoms, lack of concentration in stressy situations, etc.
  • passive smoking: so what's about the Hippocratic oath?
  • follow-up costs: payed by the sickness fund?
  • healing: a very important part of healing is done by social contact - how close would you like some social contact with somebody who is oozing out fume and nicotine of the pores in his skin?
So where is the logical consequence got caught for the patients...

The health care system is not only sick but is also addicted!

Learn more about the incorruptible force of logical consequence:

If problems do not come into the picture, this does not mean, that you do not have any problems, although nobody may help you to solve them.

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