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Memetic Based e-Learning

Some things must be visualized to make them visible.

Some things must be visible to become realised.


One picture is worth

more than ten thousand words.

Chinese proverb

Do we ever wonder
how many times other people have
to read our papers.


Don't tell me a story

show me the big picture.

Big Boss

Do you have questions like this:
  • Where can I learn those things I really need for my business ?
  • Why do I have to read hundresds of papers to get some usefull stuff ?
  • Why could not make learning fun ?
  • How can I check what I have learned already ?
  • What does the others know about this themes ?
  • Where can I see what it means ?
  • How to learn a new foreign language in my old age ?

Principle:   mem learning©

You want:
  • have some fun when learning strange things !
  • learn just what you really needs !
  • check what you have already learned !
  • check what others know about a theme !
  • learn without reading hundreds of papers !
  • see what it means !

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Just imagine:
  • you use a pictorial representation ?
  • you have unlimited languages ?
  • you have control of success ?
  • profit by the simple interfaces via XML/XSL and HTML !
Simply illustrate your themes with mem-learning© and learn !
The big picture of soft-facts©
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